In Remembrance: White Inclusion Patriot. Our first male and beloved family friend. Patriot was imported from Belgium, his dam was a therapy dog and it showed. Patriot was basically born a grandpa… an old soul. Gentle, meek, patient and kind, Patriot was so much more than our pack sire. He was everyone’s favorite friend. Patriot accompanied us on all of our adventures and proved himself to be our faithful companion whether in the canoe or on the mountain. We had planned to neuter him last spring and keep him as our family pet. He was much too loved to be retired elsewhere. To our great shock and sorrow we lost Patriot in a freak barn fire in the spring of 2020.  He faithfully followed me into the burning building as I scrambled to save some last goods. The fire was close to the door and the heat must have frightened him. In the panic of the moment I didn’t see that he hadn’t followed me back out. Only later did I notice that he wasn’t between my legs as usual and to our great grief we realized what had happened. We have both a son and daughter of Patriot and several grand daughters. But there can never be anyone quite like him. We are just so thankful for his influence in our pups and will always love his memory.


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