We began our adventure simply with the desire to have a beautiful, healthy pet that would be a guardian to our young children and yet not be so aggressive to visitors. Adelbert, having come from the Netherlands knew of the White Swiss Shepherd… and their description fit perfectly. Our search led us to Oldambt’s Special kennel in the Netherlands and the result was our wonderful smooth coated White Swiss Shepherd – WSS P!

Oldambt’s Special Painted White (Kea). She was everything we hoped for! Meek, obedient to a fault, athletic, faithful and on top of everything, beautiful! We were so delighted with her we wanted to add another, but we quickly found out that there aren’t many in Canada… our idea to breed these beautiful dogs was born!

Adelbert loves the wolf like look of the plush coat so we searched and found the White Wolves of Belgium! Promise of the White Wolves was the second addition to our family and she was soon followed by the magnificent White Inclusion Patriot. We couldn’t be more happy with our three Whites. They are part of our family and accompany us everywhere! It is our desire to add more of the joy these special dogs bring to the families and homes of Canada!


Here we are now years later and our love for the breed and the lifestyle is stronger than ever!  We have invested much in terms of acquiring new blood in our lines to grow and develop our kennel.  The dogs have become an adventurous lifestyle that suits us perfectly and gives the dogs endless pursuit of wild activity. We strive to train our dogs in many aspects in order to attain the greatest pack function and family activity.


Many wonder what the difference between the White Swiss Shepherd and the German Shepherd is… There are several important differences to be taken into account when making this decision. Some information on its history.

 The White Swiss Shepherd also known as the Berger Blanc Suisse (BBS), has its roots in the German Shepherd breed. At the creation of the German Shepherd Dog, all colours were accepted. It was in the first decades of the 20th century that the white exemplars began to be excluded in Europe. The first White Shepherd Club was founded during the 1970s in America. Meanwhile, the breed appeared again in Europe, at first in Switzerland, then Denmark and Germany came next. Slowly, the European cynological societies began to open their stud books to the White Shepherd. As the differences between the German Shepherd and the Berger Blanc Suisse increased and the breed was officially recognized by the FCI in 2011.


Most Berger Blanc Suisse dogs are gentle, very intelligent and learn easily. They are loyal to their family and may be wary around strangers, but are not prone to show shy or fearful behavior. The White Swiss is much less aggressive than the German Shepherd but remains a shepherd type and will be a faithful guardian to its family and people. 

The Berger Blanc Suisse are suited for a variety of services to man from search and rescue to medical alert to therapy. This breed is typically not used for police work due to its less aggressive nature and thrive as therapy dogs. They are also structured and have temperaments to succeed at performance events such as: obedience, rally, agility, lure coursing, barn hunt (ratting), protection sports, dock diving, fly ball, truffling, and other scent/tracking oriented training. They are natural herders, can cart, and are very well suited as an all around utility farm dog.


Another difference between them is their health. Standards in Europe are such that a registerd Berger Blanc Suisse used for breeding must pass a series of tests including temperament, health and conformation. These high standards result in a very healthy, intelligent and personable dog. Genetic disorders are being removed by these standards resulting in a much healthier dog than their German Shepherd cousins.

 The results are an exceptionally beautiful dog full of loyalty and intelligence. They are incredible to work with be it for work, play or a gentle family companion. No one who has worked with one of these dogs could want anything else!


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